Since the year 2000, Ayuda Ya has been waging a peaceful war to help end child hunger and malnutrition in
Argentina. We support community kitchens dedicated to ensuring that children who are affected by hunger
receive the nutrients they need to be able to learn, play and build productive futures.

"AYUDA, YA" Dance Festival


 Thanks to contributions from friends like you,

"AYUDA YA", special charity, works to help end child hunger and

malnutrition in Argentina. You can help by attending our Anual


 Saturday, October 26, at 6 PM

 At Saint Peter's Church:

619 Lexington Ave, NY NY
 (Citicorp Bldg, entrance on 54th St)

Dardo Galletto, Artistic Director and Karina Romero, Excecutive Director, will be presenting a special show and hosting a free tango class to support this incredible organization! 


Chris Vasquez, prestigious tango singer, in a dramatic, emotional interpretation of the great Carlos Gardel. 

Bring your dancing shoes! We start the evening with an Introductory

Tango Lesson with Karina Romero

from 6:00 - 6:30pm.


Dance Performance 6:30pm - 7:30pm


New Generation Dance Company  by


Dardo Galletto



Suggested Donation: $20

Purchase your tickets and help support this important cause.


Make a difference!
Join our solidary effort!




Esther Raspa:1718 261 3784


To purchase your tickets follow this link.

Please print your tickets to show at the entrance. 



We would like to THANK YOU for being with us!

*Date: April 26 2013.Title:"Spirituality, Hypnosis and Neuropsychology". Drs. Jaun Carlos Dumas and Daniel Araoz.

*Date: October 20 2012: Title Ayuda Ya Festival " AL COMPAS DEL TANGO" with the particiaption of Karina Romero, Dardo Galleto, New Generation dance Company and Ruben Gonzalez.

*Date: October 15 2011. Title: Ayuda Ya Festival " TANGO RHYTHM" with the participation of Dardo Galleto www.dardogallettostudios.com, Karina Romero and Chris Vasquez. Thanks!

*Date: JUNE 12 2011. Title: Conference by Dr. Juan Carlos Dumas. “Of earthquakes, unemployment and nuclear devastation.Present and future perspectives and uncertainties. The evolutionary benefits of depression, fear,anxiety and the pursuit of happiness.”

*Date: JANUARY 30th 2011. Title: New Year’s Toast! Meeting to celebrate the achievements obtained in 2010, and also to present our annual report. With the participation of the tango dancing couple formed by Silvana Brizuela and José Fluke.


*Date: OCTOBER 30th 2010. Title: the successful “Tango Solidario” Festival. With the participation of JP Jofre New Tango Quartet: Pablo Aslan, Eduardo Withrington, Adam Fisher and Jaun Pablo Jofre; Vale Tango: Mariana Parma, Angel Garcia, Evan Griffiths and Valeria Solomonoff; Carolina Zokalski & Diego Di Falco; and Chris Vasquez.


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