Our Mission

"Ayuda Ya" was started . . .
As a response to the terrible hunger problem and juvenile malnutrition in our country, Argentina.

Why "Ayuda Ya"?
Because a child's hunger cannot wait.

Because we can no longer remain indifferent and must be part of the solution.

Because the difference lies in immediate solidarity, so that we do not lose another generation.

Our help is . . .
Concrete: The money is solely destined for the purchase of food for the children and it is delivered only to officially recognized and approved institutions.

Direct & Consistent: The money goes directly to directors of the kitchens. We send it monthly until they can support themselves.

Accountable: The kitchen directors must perform a monthly accounting report and we are constantly in communications with them.

With Purpose and Projects: Our objective is not simply to feed, but also, in accordance with the development of each kitchen, to stimulate integral projects in: health, education, self-sufficiency, etc.

Transparent: Our assistance is destined only to those established kitchens with full financial assessing.

In full: Almost 100% of the funds we collect go to the kitchens. Our costs are minimal and we are all volunteers.