Our History


“Ayuda, Ya” was created by Esther Raspa on September 2000, a retired Argentinean teacher resident in New York who was very eager to do something for the poor children of her country.

She was inspired by watching a TV show about Margarita Barrientos, a woman who lived in a very poor neighborhood of Buenos Aires. Margarita organized a children’s community center (from now referred as CCC) asking for help and food to the neighbors and business’s people to feed the children. The children’s mothers help to cook in order to fight against the hunger.

Esther looked for help among her friends in order to organize the first Coordinator Committee. She organized a Popular Music Festival with the aim to reach the Argentinean community in New York.

The first CCC to received financial support was the one from Margarita Barrientos called “Los Piletones”. Since then, “Ayuda, Ya” has been sending money to CCC in Entre Ríos, Tucumán, Buenos Aires, Chaco, Mendoza and other Argentinean states.

“Ayuda, Ya” was recognized as a non profitable organization in 2003.




Olga Jaureguilorda (Former Secretary of Ayuda,Ya)

“It has been an excellent experience being part of the Coordinating Committee of Ayuda,Ya, Inc. and sharing this honorable project with a group of extraordinary people”.

Olga Jaureguilorda

Luis Jaureguilorda (a key member to help established Ayuda,Ya as a ONG)

Helping Ayuda,Ya to be incorporated as an ONG in the state of New York, along with gratitude received by the children will remain as unforgettable moments of our lives.

Luis Jaureguilorda 

Elena Farina: She was the first person I talked to about creating Ayuda Ya. Despite being a friend and neighbor, Elena and I worked together at the United Stations. 

My name is Elena Farina. I had the blessing to be part of the creation of Ayuda Ya by my dear friend Esther Raspa. She was inspired by watching a TV show about Margarita Barrientos, who became elected woman of the year in 1999 for creating a CCC in which 500 hungry children and seniors citizens eat daily. This was the first CCC to receive our monthly aid/contribution. Fortunately enough the number of contributors continues to growth allowing us to support/contribute to more CCCs around our beloved Argentina.

Words from Ana Maria Facciolo Larrañaga, one of the founders of Ayuda Ya. She is now retired and went back to live to Mendoza, Argentina.

It brings wonderful memories those days, weeks, months in where it was a truly honor to be part of such a wonderful organizational as Ayuda Ya.   Some of the qualities among Ayuda Ya volunteers include honesty, harmony, modesty, and the pleasure to serve those most needed. All the contributions collected get send to the CCC solely for the purchase of food.  The CCCs are exclusively attended by volunteers who manifest its devotion to help the most needed people at all times.I am the one that wants to say thank you, because it has been me who has benefited for the affection and friendship received by so many wonderful people I have the privileged to get to known. Thank you for ever. 

 Ana Maria Facciolo Larrañaga, (Mendoza, Argentina).