Children Community Centers that received our aid

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Los Piletones

This CCC inspired the creation of “Ayuda,Ya”

Buenos Aires, Federal Capital

1650 children

October 2000 to January 2004

Margarita Barrientos


Casita del Divino Niño

Provided nutrition for children that live in some of the largest dumps of San Miguel of Tucumán.

Currently supported by an International Organization



450 children

February 2001 to November 2002

Priest Marcelo Tobar


Senderos de Luz-School for children with disabilities

It received our monthly support/contribution that helped provide lunch, afternoon snack and supper from Monday to Friday. The excellent work of its directors and their achievements made our aid no longer indispensable, allowing us to concentrate our efforts on helping other CCCs.


Bovril-Entre Rios

More than 70 children.


April 2001 to March 2008

Rosana Braida


Rayito de Sol

Our monthly contribution helped provide breakfast and lunch from Monday to Friday. Due to medical reasons, founder and director, Rita Elena Luque discontinued the operation of the dining room.


Las Heras -Mendoza

approximately 312 children and 127 adults






July 2001 to April 2008

Rita Elena Luque


Las Torres

A hearty afternoon snack is given, which complements the school lunch and prevents the children from going to bed hungry.
Was located in remote location, which made food purchase and transport more expensive. This CCC closed its doors.

Juan José Castelli (Chaco)


more than 80 children





May 2002 to December 2008

José Osvaldo Verón


Villa Urquiza

It provides lunch and afternoon snack during business days

San Miguel de Tucumán- Tucumán

approximately 130 children and 30 adults


November 2003 to October 2007

Juan Carlos Galván


Pan de Vida


Pacheco- Tigre (Bs As. state)


May 2004 to January 2005

Noemi Leguizamón


Juan M.


We supported two Civil Organizations “Mujeres Adelante” (Women Moving Forward) and SOTRALI Foundation (Solidarity, Work and Liberty Foundation) that not only provided afternoon meals/snacks but also designed educational projects such as “the bakery project” were young people acquired technical skills in bread making in order to find a job and become self independents. Remarkably, they helped 8 mothers and 35 children women victims of domestic violence by providing food and a place to sleep.


Olmos-La Plata, Buenos Aires State


May 2003 to April 2010

Rosario Rocha


Grupo Qom

This particular CCC was comprised of indigenes such as tobas, mocovies and wichis, who among others, were relocated from the very poor and isolated state of Chaco to the city of Rosario. There were  children and adults living in a poor neighbor, the majority working overnight collecting garbage and attending school during the day.

In October 2007 the CCC was destroyed by a storm but thanks to a self community effort of their own, our contributions and the efforts of an Evangelic church “El Nazareno” the CCC was reopen months later



Rosario, Santa Fe State

75 children and 20 adults

January 2007 to 2009

Miguel Medina