Community Kitchen “Aqui es”, Las Breñas, Chaco, Argentina

Children Community Center “Aqui es”, Las Breñas, Chaco, Argentina

This Children Community Center directed by Susana Elizabeth Rac, provides food for 128 children, teenagers and some adults. It has been receiving our aid since May 2010.  The kitchen is set up in a borrowed room without an oven.  They provide afternoon snacks with cereals, milk, sandwiches, fruits and also rice pudding. With our contribution they will be able to provide dinner as well.  The children of this community come from very poor families.


This is a letter that the Director, Susana Rac sent us:

“Our goal, in addition to providing food, is to give these children and adolescents a place where they can receive tutoring, sewing classes for the girls, workshops for the boys and supportive conversations, in order to build their self esteem and offer them a life project…I hope one day you can come to meet us.” Susana R.


These are some of the youth who have been attending the "Aqui es" Center since 2010.  Susana Rac also sent us photos of the center's graduates who are now pursuing their studies, working, and building their own lives.  The graduates keep close ties with the "Aqui es" Center as it is home to them and Susana is like their mother.



This is a picture of the products we are getting from ours workshops and trainings.