School-Community Kitchen "Martin Yanzon" Pozo Salado, Caucete, San Juan, Argentina

School Martin Yanzon, Pozo Salado, Caucete, San Juan, Argentina 

Our currrent support help to provide food to the younger children of the pre-school and 3rd levels. cau 1  


This is a letter we have received from its Director Maria del Carmen Marquez, at the time we got in touch with them for the first time:


“My name is Maria del Carmen Marquez.  I am the principal of the Martin Yanzon School, which is located in a rural area.  The students who attend the school come from very poor backgrounds.  They either ride bikes or walk between 20 to 30 blocks to get to school; most of them don’t have shoes.  They come from large families of up to ten children. This year strong rain, wind and hail affected 100%cau2 of the local production, and the parents were left without work due to the lack of harvest. They won’t have work for the rest of this year.  Fifty percent of the children are undernourished.  In the past we were able to feed the entire student body, but as of last year we have not received the funds that would allow us to continue doing so.  Today, we can only feed the students who spend a full day in school (4th, 5th and 6th graders).  When the youngest children smell the food, they ask, “…and when do we get to eat???”  It would be very helpful to be in a position to offer them lunch.  On my own behalf, I vow to the greatest sense of responsibility and honesty.  THANK YOU!!!!!  For any help you can provide. cau3

Maria del Carmen M.


This is a letter we have received from them on August 2010:

Friends of "Ayuda,Ya"
Because of your help our younger students from the initial level of 4 years to 3rd grade are now eating two days a week at the school. During the first and third week of each month students eat polenta and lentils with rice. During the second and fourth week of each month students eat carbon Creole soup. I have selected meals with vegetables and grains that provide a lot of energy during these months, the coldest of the year. Students attend school all year round in thecau4 morning, commuting either by walking or by bicycle. As you can imagine they don’t wear appropriate cloth in order to be protected from the cold weather, so the lunch that is offered it is very welcome by them. We do not have enough money for bread, fruit, especially meat as prices have risen sharply because of inflation. The first month I received $ 1,158 dollars and this month $ 1,161.28. Students very often eat fast in order to repeat. By watching them eat, all teachers agree on how hungry they are. We have two moms who prepare the food to this group of students. Once I received the money from Ayuda Ya, I go directly to the SuperMarket on a weekly basis to order the food and have it delivery to the school. I have invoices for all I had purchased.  I will send to you pictures of the kids eating soon.  Hopefully you will be able to see their faces when they see the plates of food. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU! for your cooperation to make possible that a small group of San Juan-Argentines can get a little better quality of life.


God bless Ayuda,Ya!


Maria del Carmen Martin de Doña