"Nuestra Senora del Valle" Church, Villa Maria, Cordoba, Argentina.

Nuestra Señora del Valle Church, Villa Maria, Cordoba, Argentina


This Community Center provides food to 86 children and send food packages to 40 families monthly with our current support from September 2007. Director: Rosa Becco de Cortese.ma 1


Translation of letters we received from them:


Dear brothers: although I don’t know you, I feel you. I am the mother of four children who attend the community kitchen at “Nuestra Senora del Valle” (Villa Maria, Province of Cordoba). My children arevery young. Consequently, they don’t know how to write and that is why I am doing so, as their mother. I was delighted to have the opportunity to tell you how grateful we, all the mothers, are. The community kitchen has always worked well, but ever since they have been receiving help from you, ‘Ayuda, Ya’, many more things became possible. Now the children can eat things they never ate

before; empanadas, milanesas (veal cutlets), pizza, (and juice). On Dia de Reyes, we gave them ice cream.

(Note: Dia de Reyes is celebrated on January 6th, when the night before children leaves water and grass beside their shoes, for the camels of the Three Wise Men who, in turn, leave the children gifts.)ma 2


This letter is from one of the children who attend the Villa Maria, Cordoba community kitchen:


Hello, I am Omar. Ms. Rosa (Principal) told us that you, ‘Ayuda, Ya’, always send us help. Before we never had dessert and now, since you send us money, the ladies buy yogurt, make rice pudding and sometimes bread pudding too. We also eat fruits and fruit salad. We can also take home a lot more things in our bags, because before there wasn’t enough.